Heckington Conservation Area Proposals

Preserving Heckington's Heritage - Conservation Changes Proposed

(reproduced courtesy of North Kesteven District Council)

Residents in Heckington are encouraged to take part in a consultation which could change the way householders apply for planning in the village’s conservation areas.

The changes are intended to help preserve the special qualities of the village’s two conservation areas – around the village centre and the station.

Through the adopted Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plans for Heckington’s conservation areas, it was identified that there is a need for an Article 4 Direction in order to manage piecemeal changes within the designated areas associated with domestic improvement works that can normally be carried out through householder permitted development rights.

Andrew McDonough, Head of Development, Economic and Cultural Services said: “In order to protect the most important elements of the character and appearance of Heckington’s conservation areas for the benefit of future generations, the Council is seeking to introduce an Article 4 Direction which would mean that in future, planning permission will be needed for certain minor improvement works to houses within the conservation areas. 

“There would still be a range of other works under householder permitted development rights, which would be unaffected by the proposed Article 4 Direction’.

 "We hope that by working with residents, we can preserve the most important elements of the conservation area that we have already identified in the Conservation Area Appraisals and Management Plans, and we welcome you to comment, and get involved during the consultation.”

Consultation will extend over five weeks up to January 16 to give full opportunity for residents and interested bodies to comment.

Once adopted, the Direction would apply to all households within the two Conservation Areas, requiring an application for planning permission to carry out such works as: 

New/replacement windows and doors

Roof/chimney/satellite dish and aerial alterations

Front porches and external painting

New or replacement gates, walls and fences

Microgeneration (renewable energy) equipment and flues including domestic wind turbines

Close of consultation is 5pm on January 16, after which we will consider all comments received and decide on any changes to the draft Direction. There would be a period of grace before it takes effect, most probably on August 1, 2017. 

Further information and comments can be found on the NKDC website HERE

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