Heckington Magazine to launch again in the spring

Following the news that the Heckington village magazine was to fold, residents were braced for the final edition in December 2016. The committee disbanded and it appeared that the magazine would be no more.

However, due to the determination of editor Mary Saunders, a plea for help was issued, the local residents rallied and we are pleased to announce that the magazine has been saved from extinction.

Following a meeting on Tuesday 24th January 2017, a new committee has been formed and plans are in place to re launch the magazine in the springtime.

Mary Sanders said after the meeting:

“I know we have a great opportunity with the magazine going forward and with wonderful people on board, I know it only grow and develop. We now have a working Committee and are working towards the re launch of the magazine in April.”

Special thanks must go out to Mary and her new committee for recognising the importance of a local printed magazine and the benefits it brings to so many Heckington residents.

It’s never too late to get involved!

If you would like to contribute to the magazine, please contact Mary via email at editor@heckingtonmagazine.com

Congratulations to Mary and her new team and we look forward to seeing the new issues in the coming months.

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